5 Minute Marketing Makeover

Three 5-Minute Videos to help you build a message that gets people to buy.

Stand out from the competition

by using the power of story in your business.


Customers aren’t buying? Here’s why.


The 3 Big Changes to Make Now!


How to attract people to your brand.

If your message doesn’t stand out

your marketing is doomed to fail.

“Why isn’t my website creating sales?”

“Why Aren't People Getting Excited About My Brand?”
“Why Aren't People Sharing My Posts and Content?”
“How Can I Make My Message Resonate With More Buyers?”

Overcome all these challenges when you get FREE access to the 5 Minute Marketing Makeover.

Your Guides:

The 5 Minute Marketing Makeover is taught by Tom Phillips and Darren Hesselink.

Tom Phillips

Tom is a world class story teller and video editor who is behind some of the biggest brands advertising on the market. If a video moved you on tv or online there’s a chance that Tom is the one who put it together.

Darren Hesselink

Darren brings his 15 years in sales and marketing to the table and shows you how his clients are rebuilding their messages to attract more customers online or off. If you want to close more customers and attract more people into your business, Darren will show you how.

Together they’ll bring it all together and show you how to upgrade your messaging and build a smarter marketing approach.

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